Why you should visit a spa, right now!

If you’re sitting on the fence about going out for the day and treating yourself to some personal rest and relaxation at a spa, let this guide help you make it easy for you. Usually the opportunity presents itself from a gift by a loved one, spas are a great way to step away from the crazy, busy, and often computer-dominated lifestyle and get in-touch with our humanity.

Spas kind of get a bad rap sometimes, often only associated with nail primping, face creams, and some hot-tubing, but they are actually much more sophisticated and specialized than that. Your average spa now a days will have licensed experts that specialize in massages, facial cleansing, cosmetics, teeth whitening, yoga, and various health regimens. There are different spas for everyone and for every price, too, not just the luxury/celeb life.

Probably the biggest factor in determining what you can get done at a spa will be how much of a commitment you can make for your visit. You could easily spend an entire day getting every inch of your mind and body massaged, cleansed, and renewed as if you just stepped out of the fountain of youth. On the contrary, you can just as easily visit the spa and just get a simple face wash and scrub treatment to see what all the fuss is about. The basic consultation about your skin health is sometimes free with coupon or basic introductory treatment packages. See if you can get a tour if you are interested in a local spa facility to see what they offer and how things work.

Treatments you can choose

With so many different specialty services, you might wonder what is normally found at spas, some specialize in more relaxing services like body massages, hot tubs, mud baths, yoga, facials, saunas manicure, and pedicure Ottawa is popular for these R&R spa hubs, they’re refreshing when the cold beats you down. The more active treatments usually come after your initial examination and detoxifying; things like exfoliating, chemical peels, extracting, and laser hair removal. The more expanded spas you can find more than a standard Ottawa esthetician care and get perks of having nutritionists, gym trainers, dancing, martial arts, and more. It’s all about having fun, learning about your body, and having fun while you’re at it. That’s the best way to battle stress, toxins, and Father Time! If you want to read more about “tattoo makeup ottawa” and “massage in ottawa” please visit estheticsbygilla.ca


Zapping the Hair Away

kim-kardashianSometimes tweezing and shaving your annoying spots of hair growth can not only be an inconvenience, it can be downright ineffective. That’s why so many folks resort to waxing, but even that can be like trading one form of torture for another. You might be the perfect candidate for trying laser hair removal. Don’t worry, the lasers aren’t from Star Trek, they are completely safe and will not give you cancer. Also, the precision of using lasers far outweighs any other removal method.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

To continue off that last point, lasers target only dark, coarse hairs, this is achieve through special energized beams of light that only interacts within ascertain spectrum. If it sounds complicated, well, it is, and it should only be administered by a licensed professional; always check the credentials. Probably one of the biggest perks of using a laser to remove unwanted hair is the fact that the majority of patients can either a) stop getting treatments completely after a couple sessions or b) only require them once or twice a year.

Getting it done

When getting ready for your first procedure, you will be asked to refrain from doing any sort of landscaping, so that your hair’s roots are fully exposed for the laser. Protecting your skin from sun burn or any skin damage is also key as this increases the likelihood for complications and further damage.

The operator will test a small spot first, to make sure you don’t have any bad reactions and to calibrate the laser itself. Hair removal on a big surface area, like your legs, can average about an hour long, so be prepared to sit or lay in one spot for a long time.

After the removal process is complete, you’ll get some advice on managing any discomfort or redness that is common with laser hair removal. Aloe Vera creams, cold compresses, and keeping any possible abrasions or irritations at a minimal is the best way to heal fast. It will be very similar to having sunburn, usually a very mild one. Some people may experience blisters, swelling, and temporary scaring/changes in color. These cases are rare and are more common with people who already have dark-tanned skin.

So, if you’re still interested in zapping that hair away, you could start looking at some Ottawa Esthetician prices. The average cost for laser hair removal in Ottawa is going to be around $200-300 dollars, and that price will still depend on the size of the area that needs removal. Remember, laser hair removal is most effective in multiple treatments, so be prepared to invest the time and money if you want the best results.